being thankful for friends

May 7th, 2007 by alison

A friend said something to me over this past weekend which was probably the most succinct and understanding comment anyone has said to me in all the conversations I’ve had with friends, family and co-workers since C was re-diagnosed.  It was a simple comment on not even being able to grasp what it meant to worry so much for people you care deeply about.  Most people our age don’t go through this.  And as my friend made clear, she has never lost anyone close to her or had to watch them suffer.

The reason why this comment touched me so much is that it is one of the first people to outwardly recognize how much I, as C’s friend, am going through.  Thank you ladybug!

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April 4th, 2007 by alison

It’s amazing how horrible things suddenly put life in such perspective. But regardless of how much perspective one may have, horrible things are still damn hard to deal with. So, today, I start my first blog to share my perspective and also as an outlet for the ranting and raving that needs to be done from time to time. Stay tuned to hear the story of how I got perspective.

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