March 30th, 2008 by alison

For there will come a time when the lucky child who felt enough to weep then will at last be able to smile and say, “Remember when Mommy read me those stories, remember when she danced, remember when she made my costume.”  When the friend who thought she would never recover from grief, when the husband or wife who thought his own life was over, will cease to cry, will be able to take pleasure in saying: “Remember how she used to lean her head back when she laughed?”  ”Remember how he loved to garden, out there way past the the last frost?”  ”Remember when she cut all her hair off and was so sorry?”    

And feel the pleasure in having her there again.  In bringing him back to life for those moments.  A new life.  Truly a life after death.  Because if metaphor is one of the ways we have left to approach God, to begin to understand faith, memory itself is a living metaphor for the eternal life.  Loss brings pain.  Yes.  But pain triggers memory.  And memory is a kind of new birth, within each of us.  And it is that new birth after long pain, that resurrection - in memory, that, to our surprise, perhaps, comforts us. 

From “While I was Gone” by Sue Miller

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Cathy is at peace

March 29th, 2008 by admin

Cathy passed away this evening. She is now our angel.  Information on services will be forthcoming.

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Contact Update

March 22nd, 2008 by alison

Cathy is in Room 215 at Houston Hospice.

Like the hospital, they have a fairly open visitor’s policy.

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Cathy is moving today

March 21st, 2008 by admin

Cathy is being moved today from MD Anderson to Houston Hospice. Thefacility is beautiful and is set up as individual apartments, whichwill allow Dan and Danny to stay with her fulltime. It is part of theTexas Medical Center, as is MD Anderson. It will be a wonderfulchange since all of us friends can’t be there all the time. Here isthe contact information, I do not yet know her room number, but willpost it as soon as I know. I am sure some more flowers will be inorder to spruce up her new digs!!!Houston Hospice1905 Holcombe Blvd.Houston, TX. 77030-4123Toll free: 800-824-2911Phone: 713-468-2441

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Update 10:30pm (CDT)

March 19th, 2008 by alison

It was so hard to leave Cathy yesterday.  If I could put everything in my life on hold I would and sit with her every moment she has left with us.  And that is what I did when I was there.  Sleep was unimportant.  Eating was unimportant.  Being there was all I wanted to do.  And I did it for hours and hours on end.Unfortunately I had to leave.  And leaving was heart wrenching.  I sobbed and bawled and snorted and cried.  And got on a plane.  Luckily another friend was with me from Cathy’s room all the way to Atlanta.  So we held on to each other.  I left her on the plane to run to my connecting flight.  And I sat at the gate and cried and cried and cried some more.  It’s amazing how everyone feels so comfortable to ignore a woman in such obvious pain and sorrow.Many flights later, I arrived in Chicago.  Still a mess and tired as hell.  I finally got some sleep and pulled it together a bit.  Until now I couldn’t put words together to write.  So I am sorry for being out of touch with everyone who so obviously wants information.  So here it finally is…..Cathy is still in the palliative care unit at MD Anderson.  She is a fighter - we all know that.  The goal is to have her discharged by the end of the week and moved to a hospice center nearby.  It is a wonderful place where Dan and Danny can stay with her full time.  I would love to tell all you that she is doing well, but it would not be completely truthful.  But be comforted in knowing that her care is the best.  And she is comfortable and surrounded by love.All the flowers and gifts everyone has sent have been so much appreciated and truly bring a smile to her face.  All the messages delivered through MD Anderson’s website are read to her and she loves hearing from everyone.Cathy still has her spunk.  She keeps the nurses on their toes and puts everyone in their place if they start to annoy her!  She lights up everytime Dan walks into the room.Now that I am no longer in Houston, I am being updated only when there is a significant change in her condition.  I will continue to update you with any information that I receive.  But if you hear nothing it means that Cathy is still hanging in there with all of her spunkiness!For those of you who continually ask “what can I do?” here is your answer.  Awhile back, we put together a fund account for Cathy and Dan.  All funds go to Cathy’s care and for little Danny.  It keeps Cathy in the best care possible and relieves the stress on everyone else.  So if you want to help, donations can be made via check to:The Cathy O’Brien Fight FundACCT 273 302 0321C/o Chase Bank6220 State Highway 6Missouri City, TX 77459Donations can also be made via a PayPal account where you can donate via credit card:Log onto: www.paypal.comClick on: “Send Money”Enter the email:, which is linked to Cathy’s fundFollow the prompts   Read the rest of this entry »

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March 18th, 2008 by admin

Sorry I haven’t posted anywhere. Spent a long time with Dan yesterdaychatting and then sat up all night with Cathy and am traveling againtoday. Cathy is our trooper and is hanging in there. Not reallyanything new to report.All the flowers are great, but we have reached flower capacity!!!!!!!!Thanks for such an overwhelming response to the need. I will postshortly with more ideas of ways everyone can help.

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Thank You Girls

March 17th, 2008 by admin

All the flowers are beautiful and really liven up the room! Cathysmiles everytime they come in the door!

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March 17th, 2008 by admin

Girls, all of the flowers in Cathy’s room are starting to wilt. Somenew flowers to liven up the room would be great!

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Late Sunday Night Update

March 17th, 2008 by admin

After a bit of a delay due to a (stupid) airplane problem, I made itto Houston. The report upon arrival was that Cathy was more stabletoday. She was up and alert and very talkative early in the day. WhenI arrived she was sleeping and has mostly been sleeping comfortablythis evening. So many of her good friends are here and she is neveralone. I hear she often is up in the wee hours of the night aftersleeping through the late afternoon and evening. It is so good to behere with her and see all the love that surrounds her. Its been a longday for me. I will sit up with her for a while longer before trying toget at least a little bit of sleep. Hoping to see the chatty Cathy inthe morning!

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Made it to Atlanta

March 16th, 2008 by admin

One more leg to go! Almost there!

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