Our new angel

December 27th, 2009 by alison

For those of you who haven’t heard, my husband, Eric passed away on Christmas unexpectedly.  Many people have heard this news and don’t know what happened.  On Wednesday we flew from Chicago to Syracuse to spend the holidays in Clinton, NY with Eric’s family.  The weather in Chicago was frightful and flights were all canceling, but ours left without a hitch.  Thursday morning Eric was making french toast for everyone when severe chest pains overcame him.  We rushed him to the hospital.  He had had a heart attack.  They we able to reopen the clogged artery (I got to see all the video of the procedure and everything looked great).  After the procedure Eric was doing great.  Feeling wonderful and trying to figure out how to get the doctors to let him still go on our New Year’s vacation.  I went back to his parent’s house to get some stuff for him, and when I returned to the hospital he had developed a bleed.  This is a normal risk of undergoing catherization, especially when they are inserting stents (which they did).  So in the end, they were not able to control the bleeding.  The care he received was wonderful.  The result was shocking to everyone.

Services will take place in Buffalo, NY.  I do not know exact dates yet, but we believe it should be in the latter half of the week.  I will post the specific details here when I have them.

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